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Yakiti Sugimoto bought land in the property, about ten acres, in 1934, five years before his retirement from the shipping company Kansai. He was the son of a tenant farmer, who led the economy in the Tokyo area; He studied at the same time earning a living. After graduating from university, he was hired by the ship's company and Kansai assigned to the main office in Osaka in Dojima. He married a girl from Tokyo and, although life remained in Osaka, three sons gave education at the University of Tokyo. In 1934 he became CEO; in 1938 - the president. The following year he retired.

Once spouses Sugimoto happened to visit the grave of an old friend in a new municipal cemetery, which was called the Garden shower - Hattori. They charmed the garden surrounding hilly terrain. It was then, asking the name, they first heard about the village Mayden.

Baby inexpensive plot of land on a hillside with an orchard and surrounding thickets of bamboo and chestnut groves, in 1935 they built a modest cottage. In the same year Yakiti hired a gardener to care for fruit trees.

But to turn this villa into a place idle pastime, as desired sons and his wife, they did not succeed. At the end of each week, the whole family were chosen by car from Osaka and doing field work, supposedly enjoying the sun. Kensuke, the eldest son Yakiti, incompetent weakling struggling resisted healthy hobby father. Its downright disgusted by his father's whims, but he was forced, though with great reluctance, dragged behind brothers on the field and hoeing the ground. Among the business community in Osaka, while there were many people who liked to dig in the ground. The innate greed that turned out for the residents of the district of Kyoto-Osaka certain life-saving philosophy, did not allow them to set one's bag on the coast near the famous hot springs. They built their homes in the mountainous backwoods, where the earth and life were cheap.

Following the resignation of Yakiti Sugimoto moved to Mayden, which raised itself a citadel for the rest of life. The name of the village dates back probably to the word "Maida", which means "rice field". Obviously, in prehistoric times lapping sea, causing the land became extremely fertile. For ten acres of this land Yakiti could grow all sorts of vegetables and fruits. One family of the tenant and hired three assistants help obihazhivat his land. After a few years of peaches Sugimoto began to enjoy great demand in the market. Yakiti war years lived with a frozen facial expression secret hostility. It was a strange form of contempt against the short-sighted citizens who were forced to endure rationing products, buy rice on the black market at exorbitant prices, in contrast to the precautionary Yakiti that could support its existence, feeding from their own land. Thus, everything that happens in his life until retirement from the leading position of the company, which was inevitable, and committed against his will, looked like a premeditated his steps; but it pained her excommunication from the cases, which, as it now seemed, was provoked by his own lack of foresight. Fatigue and apathy had fallen on him, as if sentenced to imprisonment. On his face an expression of irretrievable loss. Among former colleagues who have not experienced for him enmity and envy, he allowed himself, as a joke, casually speak about the military. Even more, he began to speak evil, when his wife died, cases of acute pneumonia. The new medicine invented by doctors of the military hospital and send another of the military command in Osaka, did not have any therapeutic effect, and e Красивые девушки и их истории без порно и секс элементов, Эротика и проститутки отсутствуют.

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